Well it's sad to say that the Signum has finally gone. We had a good time together and the car was very much enjoyed. The problem is I still have this craving to come on-line and checkout the Vectra-C site. As I don't do that many miles any more working from home 2 days a week, I am going to try and cycle to work the other 3 days (need to get fitter for my Coast to Coast ride next year) just shame about the weather.

Seems like the car has gone to some very nice people who will look after it and enjoy the car as much as I have. They might even come onto the site and join in with the banter. And if anything like me get hooked. So if the new owners come on board as usual I am sure everyone will give them a warm welcome.

I will keep visiting the site and enjoying the enthusiastic members modifying their cars.

PS. If you see a guy on a white boradman mountain bike along the A38 between Burton and Derby. Frozen stiff on the side of the road. That will be me. Please offer hot coffee and a bacon sandwich and encourage me to complete my ride to work.