While I don't subscribe to the idea that everyone female or over 30 should be removed from the road, did have two disturbing incidents on a quick trip to Asda yesterday.
Had been unable to find a disabled space, returned to car to see two empty, drove back to them wary on front and side as users moving around.
Much to my surprise, a woman came out of nowhere (on foot) from behind the car, ignored the reversing lights and slow rearwards movement, then had a go at me for attempting to run her over .
Finished our shopping, left to come home, 50mph stretch, woman driving slowly and erratically in front. When we closed on her, realised she was restyling her hair, with rear view mirror, comb in hand, and she went along.
What came next was worse, as we entered 30mph stretch, she finished messing with her hair, with no indication swerved on to wrong side of road into on coming traffic and floored it .
Words failed me.