ok having maoir problems with my signum at the moment. for a start the washer pump stoped working so this was replaced with a new one. worked for couple of weeks then the wipers stoped working. changed wiper moter wipes now working but not at the right timing on each stage. since new wiper moter was fitted washers are now not working. also had problem with the car that it would not start it went in to a vauxall dealership and the fixed it with a new fuse. some of the lights are also playing up front drivers side full beam passengersside dipped beam, reverse lights, front indicator on drivers side wing and front indicator not working. changed bulbs but still not working. took it back to dealer ship today and they have said that there is a fault to UEC (fusebox) they have quated us a price of £553.42 for this part and to fit it. their exact words were this will PROBERLY sort the problem. when i said proberly thay said well nothing is guareenteed! starting to get really annoyed as have alread been charged £188.38 with them and all we have had is 3 A4 peices of paper and a 60p fuse!!! could really do with some suggestions. have phoned breakers yards and had no success, would a vectra c UEC fit?