I'm hoping someone will be able to help me as I think I've got major problems with the five speed box on my 04 Signum. So far a dealer has told me I need a new box and an auto box specialist has told me it's nothing to do with the engine.

It's all based on the following three codes:
Engine P0705 Invalid signal from TCM (Transmission control module)

Automatic transmission P1743 Transmission component slipping

ABS/TC/ESP U2106 Symptom 71 Invalid data from TCM

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

In brief about six months ago the car started juddering, in fifth gear, under light load at around 50mph. Nothing too violent, but it also did it around 70ish on the odd occasion.

I've also noticed the odd "cough" or "stutter" while I'm in Drive and the car's stationery - but again that's not all that often.

All of a sudden it went into limp mode last week and I got the spanner light up. I could only select 2nd or 5th and it seems down on power.

A VX dealer quoted £4k for a new box and then passed me onto an auto specialist. Said specialist was struggling to fix an IDENTICAL problem on a Vectra with the same box and said he had tried everything before the owner gave up and has now sent it to a VX specialist in Birmingham. (IS THIS YOU?)

I've now got a fantastic car that I can't use!!!