Please be aware that with immediate effect, it will now be necessary for all members initiating a For Sale thread, that a photo of the item(s) for sale must be submitted within that thread. Along with this, we now require that the photo depicts a piece of plain paper with your forum username and that days date clearly and legibly written on it.

The reason we now require this, is that it proves that the seller is in posession of the item(s) and on the day they submitted the for sale thread. OK, it isn't absolutely foolproof, but it will go someway to instilling confidence in the buyer. We have had a number of instances of people being 'stung' in the past, and we are constantly striving to find ways to make it harder for these people to steal from our members. Whilst some may think it a bit of a pain, it doesn't take much to do, and if you're honest with your selling/dealings, then you won't mind us taking these steps to try and protect the members further.

Thank you for your support