I'm after a HIDS kit for my bike and would like to know what you guys know of the three companies I've got lined up. I'm looking for a single bulb H4 set up so here goes:

Hids4u - 2 year warranty, 5k bulb, tel no & address on website, £55.62

Hids4us - 2 year warranty, 4.3k bulb, NO tel no. or address on website, £50.49

and then good old HidsDirect - 1 year warranty, 4.3k bulb, tel no. and address on web site, £44.99.

Now Hids4us are doing a H4 car set up for £71.49, so in effect I'd get a spare bulb (£30) and a spare ballast (£19). But then again, only contact is via their messages on their web site. Financially, this kit makes the most sense but the lack of communication if something goes Pete Tong does worry me.

Oh, and they're all 35w systems.

So what would you do