hi guys, i have an odd 1, i have a 2.0 dti ls so whatever stereo thats works out to be, and whatever i do i cant stop radio 1 acting up, i can be driving down the road and it just shuts up for a second, which can be a pain in the arse when im doing my foo fighters impression! i have programmed radio 1 into every number and put other local stations in different locations and same again its just radio 1, i have searched for best signal and programmed that in and same again! i took it back to the garage i got it from under warranty and somehow managed to get them to have a look, they removed it, left it out of the car over night and replaced it and guess what anybody else had this problem? and before anybody says just dont listen to radio 1 ive tried that but i live in an inbred area and local radio sounds like its played on MW in a tin cup! hope some1 can help, thanks in advance