Hope someone can help as I'm really at the end of my tether!!!

Have a 2003 2.2 Vectra C and a couple of weeks ago there was a strange noise thats started as a humm but excallated to a load screeching noise by the end of the day.

I swapped the gearbox, the noise has gone, but I had no drive to the wheels, suspecting the release/slave cylinder I stripped it all down again and replaced the clutch and slave and also swapped the DMF. Got it all back together and still no drive to the wheels. It goes in to gear OK but when you let the clutch out there is no hint of a biting point.

I have jacked each side of the car up and, in gear, tried turning each wheel. They both engage with the engine so it can't be a driveshaft issue.

I have tried releasing some fluid thinking that the slave was jammed open but still no change.

Desparately need the car for the weekend. Anyone have any ideas?