Hi guys,
right I have a 2.0l turbo signum. It has been off the road for about 6months. the battery was flat so I re-charged it.
Put the Key in, and it started. but didnt run for long.
Put the key in again and nothing. All the indications are as I remember appropriate lights go out etc but nothing at all.
disconnect the negative and reconnect and try again car trys to turn over. Plenty of power in the starter motor but will not run. as soon as I remove the key from the ignition and then put it back in and try again, nothing.
Tried the spare key, swapped batterys, re-initialsed the keys to the car i.e open it manually as it wont unlock using the button, put key in ignition turn it to posion etc doors lock/ unlock but untill i pull the neutral wire on the battery nothing. I know the fuel might be naff hence it wont run but why all the hassle with the ignition / starter not operating???
I dont think its the immobiliser as it operates the first time after the battery has been spoofed.
Or was it cos I allowed the battery to go flat instead of actually disconnecting it before i stopped using it?
Any help greatly appreaciated.