A young lady on a flight returning finds herself seated next to a priest and asks "Excuse me father, may I ask a favour of you?" " Of course Miss, what can I do for you?" he replies. "Here's the dilemma, I purchased for myself, a sophisticated electronic hair remover. I paid a lot of money for it and went well over the limit allowed by Customs. I'm afraid they will confiscate it from me. Could you perhaps carry it through Customs under your robes?" "I certainly could my dear, but I must warn you I'm not able to lie" "You have such an honest face father, surely they'll never ask questions of you," with that she hands him the hair remover. After landing they proceed through Customs and it soon becomes the father's turn. " Father, do you have anything to declare?" asks the Custom's officer. "From the top of my head to my waist I have nothing to declare my son." Finding this answer a little strange the custom's officer asks, "And from the waist to the floor, what do you have to declare?" The father replies, "I have a marvellous little instrument destined to be used on a woman, but which has never yet been used." Roaring with laughter the Custom's officer says,
"Go right through father. Next!"