My veccy 1.9 CDTI (120) has been driving like crap lately.
Seems to be a delay in turbo and sometimes drives like the Fuel is dirty, Spluttering and slow to get the REVS up.
After looking about the forum I checked all the PIPES aroung the turbo and EGR valve and around the vacume pump.
vacume pump pipe was busted so i replaced it. when i started the car again my spanner light came on along with the engine managment light then the cooling fan kicked in so i knocked it off.

a couple of minutes later i started it again and the spanner light went out.
but the engine management light had stayed on. i noticed that the vacume pump had became very hot. IS THIS NORMAL!!??? .... disconnected the battery for half an hour to reset the E.C.U no spanner or management light now but car is still running like crap.

any one any suggestions cause its really ****in me off