I have an Opel Vectra C 2004 engine z22se with automatic transmission and my system was reporting a code in the computer for the input speed sensor of the gearbox, basically the car was entering into the security mode where only the 2 and 5 gear is working. I replaced both sensors, the input and the output gessing they were defective since the car is almost 100.000km. After replacing the sensors, the issue continue so i had an scanner and try to erase the code but everytime i erased it comes back. Previously we overhaul the gearbox due to the water issue but the computer was ok before that, so we guess maybe it was locked and i decide to send the car to the dealer to ahve the TCM re-flash or reprogrammed. Yesterday they told me the TCM was flash and actually the code dissapear but unfortunately now the car is blocked and not turning on and is giving 20 new codes. Was something going bad during the flash or was required to flash all the other computers too? Please help, i don't know what to do and the dealer says is not their fault.

please thanks