I had a rare experience today. One that I must share with you all.

Let me start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with this company, and this is purely based on my own experience.

I would like to recommend this company for your alloy wheel needs:-


My car failed it's MOT due to a crack in one of my snowflakes. VX quoted me £280 for a new wheel, and the best I could find 2nd hand was at £200 (fleabay). So I decided to find out about having it repaired. I searched many companies and eventually found the wheel specialists (which incidentally had some good reviews on piston heads). I'm in Derby, so these guys were only a 20 minute drive from home. Perfect!

I have to say that the service I received was outstanding. I drove in at 5:00pm last night. The fella there took the wheel off and put the spare on. I left it with them and explained that I had an MOT retest booked on Friday.

At 9:00 the day after (this morning!) the guy called to say it was fixed! They had stripped, cleaned, repaired, and finished the wheel overnight. I picked the wheel up today, paid the fee (which was VERY reasonable.. and exactly what the quoted) and drove away a happy man. The quality was superb. Honestly, you could barely tell it had been repaired.

While I was there I took a look around the facilities and their wheel refurbishments that were in progress. While I did not get mine done (this time, at least!), their work on this looked equally brilliant. Very fine quality workmanship indeed. They could do a variety of colours and finishes and they all looked very professional. When I can save a few more pennies I'll be going back to give mine a bit of TLC.

Anyway, that's probably enough. I get fed up of hearing about rogue traders, so credit where credit's due... these guys were great. A+