had a knock on the o/s suspension

thought it was the dreaded broken coil spring but when i took it off yesterday the spring was fine , took the bearing off the top and pumped it full of grease just to lubricate , put it all back together and back onto the car and lo and behold ..................... the knocking had got 10 times worse

it knocked about 4 times everytime i turned the wheel

obviously to bearing was knackered , so trip to the stealers this morning and £20 later , new bearing to fit

right just fitted bearing and its lovely and quiet again and well impressed that i managed to go from

wheel off
suspension leg off
spring clamped
top mount bolt off
bearing off
new bearing on
top mount and bolt on
suspension leg back on
wheel on and onto the floor

in a grand total of ............22 mins and 7 seconds

now thats how i roll