any of u guys used this ? i got a bottle of this from the asda and some carplan polish both for large sum of £5 now i know it may not be dodo juce or megs or auto glym lol, as i park my car in the drive and its under trees its full of sap and bugs all most daliy,i try and wash the car as many times as i can throu the week ,to no avail its still full of sap and bird poo and bugs the next day now i was going to use the bug blitz for the glass as it says it will do sap to but it also says u can use it on bodywork to,i use the cheap polish out the pound shop for my alloys i put this on the alloys nearly every week end after a rite good wash it seems to be doing ok so far ,now i was going to use the car plan polish on the car, at least it will give it some form of protection till i can afford some good gear ,how long will a good polish protect agianst tree sap ?