About a month ago I spent ages taking all the old/flaky paint off our garden furniture (table and chairs). A few weeks down the line and the paint was starting to peel off – despite the paint professing to have a multi-year life. We got a cover but the wind kept ripping it off.

Did some digging and found out that there is such a beast as hardwood stain, the normal stain obviously should not be used on hardwood furniture. This is obviously why it started to peel so soon.

Going to have to do (sand down and re-stain) all things I thought I had sorted all over again , as I used the normal stain on the Patio doors as well (they are hardwood).

Anyway, if you know there are different stains for different wood you won’t have made the same mistake - (for those not in the know - like me) If you are painting hardwood get the hardwood stain.