Having spent many hours researching and reading the fantastic Vectra-C Forums looking for the best iPod/MP3 solutions for my CDR2005 equipped 52 plate 2.2LS auto, I finally bit the bullet and went for an Alpine IDA-X300 off ebay. I'm still using my reliable old 4th Gen 20GB iPod Photo so didn't need the Direct USB iPod connectivity. The IDA-X300 has enabled me to have the iPod connected with a KCE-422i cable as and when required and also have a 2GB USB drive permanently connected via the USB port on the Alpine unit. Both cables were easily routed from the back of the head unit and are nicely out of sight in the glovebox. The installation itself was just plug and play (switching the red and yellow wires of course!!) and couldn't have been simpler, although as mentioned by many people on here, it's next to impossible to do without drawing blood somewhere along the line!!! I haven't bothered with the steering wheel controls as yet because the controls on the Alpine could hardly be described as fiddly. Lastly, I must point out that the difference in the sound quality between the CDR2005 and the Alpine can only be described as remarkable.