Good Morning All,

Im a newby so please be gentle. I have recently bought a 56 plate vectra c SRI 1.9cdti 150150 as a hire car for 3 months and that dro. Lovely car with only 25 000 miles on it, And thier in stats my first question.

Something is telling me that all is not right with the car, it was purchased from a main dealer and is apparently hpi clear etc etc. However on the test drive the car was pulling left, it has 17" standered alloys. I have had the car back to the dealer as this wasnt fixed before I picked up the car, They have done the tracking and say the reason its pulling left is due to the alloys tam lineing.

A year ago i had a sri 150 as a hire car for 3 Months and that to had 17" alloys and didnt suffer tram lineing like this, Alarm bells are now running in my mind, I have lift the boot carpet as was very surprised to find that although my car is black the boot floor is a silver colour is this normal ? All my previouse vauxhalls (Astras) have had a boot floor the same colour as the rest of the car ... am i looking for a problem or am i right in thinking the root floor should be the same colour as the exteria of the car ?

Any help appreciated.