As some of you may heard on my stag do i done this to my irmscher splitter

i decided to repair this, but mean while got a fibre glass one from someone else on another forum, which had less damage. so gave it some filler and some paint.

and had this

a couple of days later one tiny little bump and it cracked all the way across

then today on the way to mk i thought i had hit something looked in the rearview mirror and part of my splitter was on the floor!

i now only have two thirds of the splitter attatched to the car..

now my irmscher one is nearly repaired im just sanding at the mo.....

problem is i get married on saturday and this was going to be my wedding arrival car, but it now looks ****.

does anyone know anybody near me who's good at spraying and cheap..
who could do it this week?? as you can see my last paint job was poo.

thanks Paul