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Thread: Details product/procedure questions

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    Default Details product/procedure questions


    Previously when I 'did' my car I used to do the following:

    1. Wash car with 2 bucket method and meguiars shampoo
    2. Rub the entire care down with petrol (de-tar)
    3. TurtleWax all the glass on the car inside and out
    4. Polish car using meguiars polish
    5. Wax using meguiars carnu....(spelling) wax
    6. Ask wife to clean inside of the car

    This morning I saw a black 07 S-line A4 coming towards my absolutly gleeming and made me want to sort mine over the w/e but ...... I'm after running out of meguiars polish and wax!!

    Question is, am I doing it right?

    What steps/products do people recommend(without going mad: I'm not going to clean my wheel nuts with a toothbrush)
    I was spending 4/5/6hrs when ever I was sorting the car out and dont want to spend much more time than that.
    I dont have an electric mop, all will be done by hand.

    Many thanks

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    if i were you i wouldnt wipe the car with petrol i would buy some bug and tar remover, then wash with warm water and a decent shampoo, dry then use a paint cleaner and then polish it up, then on top try some black hole glaze by poorboy's it's an awsome product

    Midlands Mod Shop - NFFC.

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