i am posting on here in the hope you will be of some assistance.
i have got a new clamp on flexi to replace the blowing one on the front 3 cylinders before the 2-1 and need to be able to slacken off the bolts that hold the downpipe to the front manifold,so that after i have cut the pipe i can fit it.the problem is both the front section and the rear both dont have any way of being undone as they have no heads to turn!!
is this normal?they are all level with the face of the pipe and underneath has a small bit of thread with a bit of plain rounded bolt left under that.
surely they would have jagged sections if they had sheared and i cant see how all 4 would be exactly the same.
i cant fit the flexi without being able to move the front pipe to get it on.
any help greatly appreciated.