I think i've managed to get hold of the most fault ridden vectra in the country.

I got this car knowing the engine might need replacing. Before i done anything i swapped the engine for another one and expected the car to be fine after as the previous one had no faults logged.

I swapped the engine over and it started but then refused to start again. I had P0230 logged which was a fuel pump circuit malfunction. There's no power at the fuel pump with the igition on. Had a looked at the wiring etc and decided that can bus is too complicated so started to put the interior back in and was going to send it vauxhall.

I tried my luck again and tried to start the car. it's started and turened off but now have the following codes all relating to the circuit

P0010 Camshaft sensor bank 1
P0020 Camshaft sensor bank
P0230 fuel pump circuit malfunction
P0443 evap circuit malfuntion
P0201 injector 1 curciut open
P0202 injector 2 curciut open
P0205 injector 5 curciut open
P0206 injector 6 curciut open
P0302 clyinder 2 misfire detected

plus 2 that are manufactuer specific

I've got another wiring loom so may as well try that but if it isn't am i looking at a new ecu and are they known to go?

Other than that its a wonderful car and can't fault it