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Thread: CDTI Check engine light

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    Default CDTI Check engine light

    Hi folks,

    Quick opinion sought,

    I just got home and as soon as I was changed set about the airbox to remove the lower baffle. I disconnected the MAF as normal, and removed the small section of flexi pipe from the MAF to the black Cobra pipe. The airbox was full of debris all right! and the filter needs changing so will pick one up next time out.

    I removed the baffle fine put everything back together and have a CEL on now not the spanner one the one on the right amber engine shape.

    I know that I don;t think the airbox got screwed down properly first time I put it all back together so I dis-assembled then re-assembled and it did go on and seal, but CEL is still on.

    Is this connected? and is it a 10 cycle times and it will reset type?

    Appreciate the help, thanks in advance

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    Vehicle : Insignia Grand Sport

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    Year : 2018

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    I re-fitted the section of pipe my MAF is on the wrong way round after de-restricting the airbox, and the EML and Emissions lights came up. I would imagine if you put everything back together properly the Emissions ( the yellow engine symbol) and EML lights can simply be Tech 2'd out. It may be that your problem was similar to mine where the flow from airbox to engine has been blocked or obstructed.

    I don't think the Emissions light is on a cycle and needs to be reset with Tech 2. Obviously if there is a subsequent problem the light will come on again.

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