Hello everyone and may I start by saying what a wonderful site/club you all have here. I have used it for reference but not very good on the pc so eventually managed to sign up now.

Anyways, I'm needing help please. I tried to do my timing belt and water pump today on my CDTI 120, and it went ok and fired up without a problem the first time except I nipped the seal on the water pump putting it in and it leaked a little, what an idiot!!
When I first did it I couldn't get the marks to line up like the guide says so just made my own marks on the cam, crank and belt then transfered them onto the new belt before instalation. After stripping it down again I couldn't get the same marks to line up and because the cam wheel has to come off to remove the water pump, I just wiped the first marks off and made new ones. I was under the impression that if it went back on the same way it came off, it would be ok but no, it wasnt.
I tried to start it up but it was hesitant and on came the service and engine management lights so I stopped. I have stripped it down and rebuilt it again a couple more times in a hope it will be ok, it did start the last time I tried but after putting the wheel back on and lowering it down again it only clicks.


1)What sort of damage might I have done? (I did hear the 8valve's valves dont come in contact with anything but maybe I'm wrong about that)

2) How can I check my timing?

3) Is it worth buying a Timing kit ( or maybe someone can lend/hire me a kit)

Please can someone help me as I dont know what to do now.

Thanks in advance