I wonder if any Vectra C petrol automatic owner has experienced any such fault details as I will explain..really weird, ca'nt make head and tail of it:Whether it is ECU, solenoid, starter motor...no idea.

I have had my Vectra C 03 Reg 2.2L petrol LS Automatic for almost three years now. Just a month after I bought it in the summer of that year, I noticed the EML, ABS,TC & power steering, catalytic converter lights coming on each time I moved it on a cold morning start. Then none of the dials would work- from speedo, pressure guage to fuel tank readings and the battery light will reapper while driving. The dashboard would look as though the car was parked although it is in motion...with the gear selection showing _ _, meaning there will be no D or any other gears on the dash when selected. All these faults disappear when the engine is fully heated. Once it starts and heats up, it will work normally throughout the day until the next morning...guess what??? When you turn the ignition on in a cold start, there is only a click- click sound heard in the glove compartment and mid engine area...does not make an attempt to turn over at all and all the fault lights come flashing on the dash and power sgteering sign stays on with exclamation sign -O!. When the weather is about 25deg C, it will start without a hitch. Does not work when its cold.

I have been to three separate dealers and they have said there was no fault detected on the Tech 2 and the vehicle is abosultely fine. They have tried getting me new keys, reprogramming ECU, Clearing fault memory and what not but its only gotten worse. Someone said it might be the battery so nine months ago, I bought new battery and car has been normal till recently it started again and its worse. Bought a new GM battery, but no signs of starting at all. Now, even when the weather is warmer, it will still not start with all the fault lights on display. I plugged a U480 OBDII in and it read the fault U2106..CAN-BUS No Communication with TCM B -05. i.e transmission control module fault...is is perhaps a remote cause such as faulty yellow fuses in ECU perhaps?????

Anyone to help on this please. This fraustrating non start has made me loose hope entirely in the Vauxhall brand. Thanks for your responses.