I know loads of you with the Vxr's out there have got aftermarket exhaust systems.. and after my wedding I am allowed one too

I was looking into a Miltek exhaust system but wondered what other options are available (or if anyone is selling some etc )

I am after a nice loud growl as the 2.8 sounds weedy. But not as loud as a scooby with a big bore lol.

I heard a non resonated exhaust is best, but was wondering what they do with the cats? I take it as the after market sports exhaust are straight through? I only ask because I also saw a weld in sports cat on one of the websites, and wasnt sure if its the main one on the down pipe (thats meant to be a ***** to get to) or if its a secondary one in the system?

I know they are meant to help the flow compared to a standard one, however if its just an extra cat on the minimum needed I would rather go without and not miss out on the sound

Please inform me on everything I need to know.. Exhaust geeks.. feel free to overdose me with information