just want to point out a great garage in Buckie in Scotland, Vauxhall Regency, 119 High Street, Buckie, Moray, AB56 4DX.

I was on holiday last week when my rear break bulbs (both sides) decided to give in the ghost, i nipped passed the garage thinking that i would have buy a whole set of bulbs, i nipped into the parts department and for £1.88 (2x bulbs at £0.94p each) i was on my way again, they guy in the garage even came out and fitted the bulbs for me free of charge and without ask, absolute gent, any problems if your up there i would nip in here,

5 star garage

The Hunted Few,

Ps they have a stunning Signum with the Rocco seats and chunky alloys, if i had the dosh i would have bought the car there and then