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Thread: Volcano Dust and Scratches

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    Angry Volcano Dust and Scratches

    F***ing kids

    Looked out the window the other day to find some little *******s playjng near my car, watched from out of the window, and they purposely bounced a football of the bonnet.
    I was just about to leg it outside, and they ran off *I think* they mistook my car for a old white bmw that had previously been abandoned in that spot (my parking place) outside the house, that has now gone

    Now the car hasn’t been washed for 2 weeks and is covered in (I think) this volcano dust – I know I should keep it cleaner but I don’t have the facilities to do it regularly only at my parents house
    When I did wash it a couple of weeks ago I finished off with
    Polished with Autoglym UDS Polish
    and then finished with Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection

    The dust has gone (I think) where the ball hit, and it looks like they moved rubbed there fingers down the door , as you could see it, but both places I cant see any scratches, apart from the one that was already there when I bought it.

    Im having sleepless nights now (my girlfriend thinks im obsessed because “its only a car”) but im just worried if they have damaged anything or scratched it that I cant see or would the Extra gloss protection done its job

    Do people not have respect for property I have to work dam hard for this car

    (sorry for ranting, rant over LOL)

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