Following on from my thread about my (possible) SCVs starting to fail, some one mentioned getting a fuel pump lubricant to put into the tank, see if it can alleviate some of the problems I've been getting lately.

Digging around on the internet I've come across the BG range, notably the BG 244 and BG 248 products.

The 244 looks like its a completely systems cleaner to be used once every 10k miles or so, and reading up on it, its used by quite a few of the manufacturers in the US as part of the routine servicing.

The 248 product seems to be used every 2 or 3 tanks (depending on your mpg ) and this one DOES contain a fuel pump lubricant, so has anyone used either of them? The 244 is about £23 and the 248 is about £12-£13, but if it stops my car loosing power at 3k rpm then both are worth it, well to me they are lol