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Thread: Help me choose a new engine!

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    Default Help me choose a new engine!

    Okay my car already had a few problems with it... some engine related, some not.

    (If you don't fancy reading my little story then skip to the ### at the bottom.)

    I was planning to get them all fixed, or I was planning to upgrade to an SRI model (I really like the SRI trimmings!! >.<)

    however, my car's taken a turn for the worse. - the oil light came on (It's done this 3 times in 4 months now! I think there's an oil leak somewhere?) - so I rushed it off to the local halfords and picked up some more oil.

    took the car home let it sit for 30 minutes, then poured in the new oil before having to rush off out again. - In my haste! I COMPLETELY forgot to do the whole 'pour some in then check the dipstick' thing... and just poured the whole bottle in.

    suffice to say, TOO MUCH OIL! - took it to the garage and left a giant white cloud of smoke behind me so I took it straight back home and had to call the AA to drain some of the oil out of the sump to bring it back to normal levels.

    now after I had done this, the car was still bellowing out smoke. I thought to myself, oh well there must just still be some oil left in there that needs to clear out, so I decided to rev the engine for a bit and burn out that excess oil until the smoke had all cleared up.

    I didn't pump the acellerator as I didn't want to flood the engine, so i revved for a bit, then let go then revved for a bit more then let go... after about 5 minutes of revving, I let go one more time and the engine died!

    revs hit 0, engine cut out, turn the key and nothing. absolutely nothing. - the engine light is on, the oil light is on and the battery light is on.

    somehow, my battery seems to have gone flat during the whole revving process, but I thought that as long as the engine was running it would charge the battery? not drain it? wtf.

    anyway! AA out again, "could be hydro locked" ... took all the spark plugs out, they're dry, turned the key to see if any oil spurted out the engine, none came out. - "sorry mate but I think your engine has seized."

    so now my car is sitting at my local garage having a check over, my mechanic friend says that he'll see if there's any way he can save the engine, if not i'm either looking at a rebuild or fitting a new engine. - fitting a new engine will be cheaper.


    SO! - that's my little predicament. I think the last engine had a lot of problems anyway plus as it's more expensive I'd rather go for a new engine instead of rebuilding my current one.

    What engine do I get? and is it even possible to fit a different engine?

    I currently have a 1.8 2003 model engine (the non-vvt). - but It would be really cool if I could pick up a 2007+ 1.8 VVT engine from ebay and stick it into my car, bit of an upgrade

    What do you think? Is it possible to fit the VVT engine into my vectra-c non-vvt car? - and what about a 2.0T or a 2.2 engine?

    thoughts please! thanks guys.

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    Anything's possible with enough money thrown at it, but you'd need new ecu's and complete wiring loom (probably). Not to mention if you were to consider the 2.0T all the intercooler and everything else. You're talking pretty major money (probably cheaper to buy a different car), but if it's what you want to do and you don't mind spending the money, it's certainly possible.
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