I have absolutely no idea where to find the size of the rims !
My SRi is fitted with 225/40 ZR18 92 W
so I am guessing that they are 7.5 or 8 rims ?
roblem is that, although the main alloy parts are reasonable as long as you don;t look too closely, the steel rim parts are pretty tarnished and I have tried a LOT of different stuff. The finish seems to have worn off them.
I could get them re-treated but I thought it would be an opportunity to get a new set of Alloys and tyres, as the tyres need replacing soon.
So.... is there a way of finding out - I guess I could go to my local tyre place. They did say that if I got the wrong size, although they may fit, they might not pass the MOT.
The other issue is that I need a tyre size like the ones I have, to allow snow chains to be fitted. The handbook says NOT to fit on 225/45 R18 so I guess that the 40 profile gives that bit of extra clearance although they are not in my handbook as the correct tyre.
Any ideas on the rims so I can make sure that I don;t get fobbed of with a 'these will fit mate' from the usual places (also chepaer to buy online in a lot of cases.
Thanks guys