I have 'upgraded' my standard Insignia bulbs for the xenon look ones and they are much more white than the running lights.

When I removed the standard running light bulbs I ound that they were like a large 501 type bulb and had 2 filaments 21w and 5w.

On inspection the running lights appear to use the 21w and as soon as the headlights are on the 5w filament replaces the 21w so they dim down.

I searched for some bulbs and all I could find were some 21 bulb 21w/5w led bulbs. I plugged one in and it looked great as running lights, really bright white light.

As soon as I turned the lights on instead of the 21w going out and the 5w part turning on all I gt was smok coming from the socket !!!

They have the same terminals as the standard bulbs so has anyone got any idea why this would happen, could it be the way the car is wired which makes it impossible to retrofit repalcement dual filament bulbs ?

OR, has anyone ever seen any xenon type bulbs like this as they look yellow compared to the main bulbs.