As some of you may know Microsft will tonight switch the original xboxlive and support for all its games online.

Tonight is the last chance to play any of your old xbox1 favourites online. I'm heading of for some Halo 2 and bungie are promising goodies and prizes.


If you're planning on sending Halo 2 out with a bang with us, tonight's the night. Xbox Original support is getting unLIVEd in less than 14 hours. To facilitate some meet and greets, we'll be in the mix in full force from 6-11pm PST in Team Slayer (4v4 Ranked) and Big Team Battle (8v8 Social).

You don't need to find us and make us dead to win some free stuff. We'll have Halo: Reach flair for anyone who plays and plenty of other prizes on offer for anyone that achieves one of many super secret metrics we're not disclosing. Just play. That's all we ask.

If you haven't already downloaded the Halo 2 DLC, expect to invest 15-30 minutes grabbing up all the free map packs.

See you on the battlefield, Seventh Column. One last time.