Was wondering if there is any software / cable packages on the market such as the KWP2000 which are capable of reading and writing the ecu map on a 150 CDTi and are not a massive price? The reason I ask is because when I purchased my Vectra it had been remapped, I have now decided to have it reflashed to a standard Vauxhall map by the main dealer but thought it would be nice (as long as it doesnt cost me a fortune) if I could read off and save the current map before having it done (just incase I am really unhappy with the performance or have problems after returing it to standard). Even better would be if I could re-write the standard map to the ecu myself.

Ive got similar software for my Triumph motorbike and can change tunes by reflashing with tuneboy tuneedit, works a treat. Something like this for the Vauxhall would be great!

Any ideas?