wonder if anyone can shed any light on this; had car serviced today and advised on Nearside inner tie rod having slight play in it , got them to do it whilst it was there, now I'm a bit concerned as to whether the correct one has been fitted as according to TIS there are different ones which determine the steering ratio i.e 16.0:1 or 15.2:1, however p/n 93191671 was fitted (repair kit) but looking on EPC the p/n is 93172256 and 93191671 doesn't seen to exist on my version of EPC (maybe it's out of date) whilst writing this I've just had a look on TradeClub website and 93191671 is listed as : Repair Kit, inner-hatch/saloon exc. sports chassis, which would apear to be mine being an Elegance model, so the real question is, has 93172256 been superceded by 93191671 which has been fitted , I may have answered my own question here, but can anyone confirm that the correct part has been fitted? also needless to say tracking is all over the place and steering wheel hanging nicely to the left Grrrr.... good job I had the car booked in anyway , this coming Monday for full geometry set-up at WIM !!(www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk)
P.S sorry for waffling on!!
Cheers Pete