Hi Guys,

Thanks for the advice so far, finally got the headlights out!

However I'm still experiencing a few electrical gremlins with my veccy (she's due back at the dealers on Wednesday) and while I'm hoping they'll get to the bottom of it I would like to arrive armed with some information .

These faults seem to be spread across a few seemingly unrelated systems so I'm wondering what the common components/modules are.

First off is the clocks resetting and the gauges freezing when I switch the ignition off, it has been suggested that this could be a BCM or CIM problem, however;

Second off the headlight washers don't work,

Now, after checking all of the fuses to get to the bottom of these the front os indicator and ns foglight have stopped working (bulbs are fine), so have the rear parking sensors and front washers/intermittent wipe. Also on Monday the nsf headlight dipped beam stopped working - bulb is fine and the connector seems pretty firmly attached.

So, I'm more than a little stumped and any pointers would be much appreciated.



Also, valuable lesson learnt on Wednesday - when you take your car to kwik fit point out that there is no damage to any of your shiny new alloys.

Had to have a new tyre fitted following a puncture and when I came back to collect the car they had taken a lump out of my newly refurbed alloy - then had the nerve to deny it and tell me that it was impossible for them to damage it in that way! After much arguing the fitter said that he hadn't noticed if it was damaged and they admitted liability, won't be going there again!