My brother who I think is having a mid life crisis again has a got rid of his 320d BMW and got a Mini Cooper S,says its for his partner but Im not convinced.Well I just had to have a go in it as I heard they are a bit nippy.I was very suprised when I got a go in it,its a pocket rocket talk about nippy.I was very supprised when I pressed the sport button the suspension was stiffer and well it just wanted to pull to the moon in every gear.Its a 57 plate so is the one with the turbo rather than the earlier supercharger.I would have one if they had a little more room as its well kitted out with all the extras on it and looks the part in grey with the black trimmings on her. I have never seen one go before and it took me by suprise to say the least how fast it was and brought a few memorys of my first mini I had when I was a wee boy.Stiil like a little go cart on the corners but a bit nippier than my old 850.