Hi guys,

changed my steering wheel today on my 54 plate 1.9cdti club to the SXI model. Followed one of the step by step guides i got from the forum and everything went sweet.

Only problem i encountered after changing the wheel and reconnecting the cables for air bag etc was the horn stayed on once i connected the battery back up. I'm not very electricly minded so it completely threw me.

So, i disconnected one of the spade plugs which i assume is the earth for the horn and the horn stopped blasting. I put insulating tape on the plug as every time it touched metal it went off.

Trouble now is i don't know what to do with the different spade connectors so i can have my horn back working again. I never had these spade connectors on my old wheel. Just the black cable connector for the volume controls etc and the air bag connectors.

There is three or four different places these spade connectors could go but i really don't know what ones to connect them too.

Here is a picture with me pointing a screwdriver at the connector i unplugged which stopped the horn from continuously sounding and one with the other plugs which i'm not sure where to place them. Your help is greatly appreciated thanks Paul