i hit a pothole yesterday and it totaly dinged one of the front alloys so bad the tire came half off( 6" deep pothole in heavy rain not so well seen when its full on a country road). I have a 2.2 dti elite 2003,and prety much sure the wheels on it are standard 17s. Ive been looking online to try and find a replacement of the same wheel but had no joy, im now thinking of just buying a 2nd hand set of wheels and keeping one of the other 3 as a spare as to my horror when i looked for the spare i was discusted to see a car with 17s have a tiny little space saver no bigger then the wheel on my daughters pram (wtf is that all about by the way) to limp home with. Does any1 have either a set for sale or the same situation(only couple decent) for sale or even anything that would fit.even if i have to go up to 18s