Had quite a productice day today on the Vectra.
8 o'clock this morning it went in for a new key. Rather pleased with it, its the flick type. Sounds daft, but it has quite a nice feel to it compared to the old style one I had.
While I was waiting for the key coding, nipped around to the parts department (via McDonalds to have a sausage and egg mcmuffin), got a external temperature sensor (my vec seems to think I live in Syberia, -28 this morning). Also order a set of rubber mats.
Picked the vec up from service dept, have to say for the first time ever, I was really impressed with the level of service. Had two vauxhalls before and my experience with Dews Brighouse wasnt great at all. Good on them for booking their ideas up.
Then up the road for 4 new tyres. Back home fitted the temperature sensor, took a little while to acclimatise, but its now working fine.
Quick coffee then set about the wheels. They werent looking great, really brown. So washed them (now upto speed with the two bucket method) then give them four goes with Alu-shine. Got it from a friend who show artics. Brought them up a treat.
Hopefully going to have another productive day tomorrow. Need to give the alloys a go over with autoglym tar and glue, polish them and dress the tyres.
Going to wash the Vec, sort out the scratches. Polish and wax. Looking forward to doing it. Had the car nearly 3 weeks, been wanting to get it looking right.
Have to say the info on this forum is fantastic. Learnt loads. Never knew about the two bucket method for washing. Makes sense really