I 've had my 06 Vectra SRi CDTI 150 for about 6 weeks now; been a regular reader of the forum but now I've popped up to say hello 'cos I need some help!!

Like the car generally, suits my needs and it handled better than expected (but not a patch on my old V reg Astra Sport) but I have never quite been happy with the engine.

Had a good look though the stuff & today I have tried the following: de-restricted air box, cleaned the boost sensor and cleaned the EGR. Thanks to everyone who has compiled the How 2s and the car is performing much better after the work (I think the boost sensor made the difference as it was like a lump of tar!!

The EGR was OK as I found the date stamp on it 03/09, Less than a year old looked like new on the solenoid side). TIP: you can check the date without removing it!

The problem is I think I have stripped 2 of the bolts that hold the EGR onto the engine (the 10mm ones without the extra bit to hold the cover), they won't tighten up now. The other 2 are sound and the valve is (apparently) securely on and the engine is running fine. But surely it's only a matter of time before they come loose? Is it a good idea to keep running until I get a fix, will the engine break if the EGR comes loose?

Can anyone recommend a solution? Will new bolts do the trick or have I broken the hole? Recommend any part numbers?

Maybe I'm a bit kack handed as the yellow plastic tag on the electrical connection to the boost sensor broke off as well!

Anyhow, as mentioned, the car is much smoother and more powerful and doesn't creep along between 1-1.5k any more: I just want to make sure it stays that way!