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Thread: Vauxhall vectra c (2002-2008) what the press said

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    Default Vauxhall vectra c (2002-2008) what the press said

    Found this article, some quite informative info in it.

    Vauxhall Vectra C (2002 - 2008)

    Good: Far better than previous Vectra. Now with decent handling and an excellent ride. Plenty of safety kit. Roomy in the front. Big boot. Good looks.
    Bad: Not as sharp as a Mondeo. Limited rear legroom. The 2.2DI can be heavy on the oil. Reports of parking brake failures.

    What's Good

    All-new Vectra, code name J3200, on SAAB/GM Epsilon platform with more chunky styling and 12 year body warranty arrived in 2002. Particularly different styling for estate models. Bigger than first Vectra, with 60mm longer wheelbase and 50mm wider track. 4,956mm long (15' 1") x 2,036mm (6' 8") wide (inc. mirrors). Estate shorter 4,822mm (15' 10") long. Massive front seat room for biggest and tallest of drivers. Luggage volume of 4-door is 550 litres.

    Engines are chain-cam ECOTEC units developing 122bhp to 145bhp on petrol and 99bhp to 123bhp on diesel. Also a 3.2litre 208bhp V6. Most petrol engines complied with the Euro 4 emission limits from start.

    All Vectra C models fitted with SAAB developed active head restraints on the front seats; full-size curtain airbags; three-point belts for all seats; Vauxhalls patented pedal release system; electronically-controlled ABS with cornering brake control and brake assist. Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is standard throughout.

    Optional enhanced electronic stability programme called ESP Plus. Five-speed manual gearboxes and all-new five-speed automatic gearbox offering sequential gear changes. Torsional stiffness up 74 per cent on previous Vectra. All Vectra C models have a new 'IDS' chassis system featuring new multi-link rear axle, aluminium components for lower unsprung weight and electro-hydraulic power steering bringing significant improvements in ride and handling which were major bugbears of the previous Vectra.

    200 million invested in GM's Ellesmere Port production plant where most UK RHD Vectras are built under GM's 'flex' facility system. (The other Vectra plant is Russelsheim in Germany.)

    General consensus of opinion between 'Autocar' and 'Auto Express' is that car has excellent ride quality but, while handling is a huge improvement on the old Vectra, it is still not quite up to Mondeo standards.

    Two petrol and two diesel engines available at launch, all four cylinder. 3.2 litre V6 followed.

    1,796cc belt-driven twin-cam petrol developing 90kW (122ps) at 6,000rpm with 170Nm (125 lb ft) torque at 3,800rpm. 0-60 is quoted at 10.9 seconds, top speed 127mph, Euro combined mpg 36.7 and CO2 emissions 184g/km (140pa VED). This engine meets Euro 4 emissions limits.

    2,198cc chain-driven twin-cam petrol developing 108kW (147ps) at 5,600rpm with 203Nm (150 lb ft) torque at 4,000 rpm. 0-60 of the manual is quoted at 9.9 seconds, top speed 135mph, Euro combined mpg 32.8 and CO2 emissions 206g/km (155pa VED). This engine meets Euro 4 emissions limits. (Automatic 0-60 10.5 seconds, top speed 131mph, Euro combined mpg 30.1 and CO2 emissions 226g/km (155pa VED).)

    1,994cc chain-driven twin-cam diesel developing 74kW (100ps) at 4,000rpm with 230Nm (170 lb ft) torque at 1,500 rpm. 0-60 is quoted at 12.7 seconds, top speed 120mph, Euro combined mpg 47.9 and CO2 emissions 159g/km (130pa VED). This engine meets Euro 3 emissions limits.

    2,171cc chain-driven twin-cam diesel developing 92kW (125ps) at 4,000rpm with 280Nm (207 lb ft) torque at 1,500 rpm. 0-60 of the manual is quoted at 10.5 seconds, top speed 129mph, Euro combined mpg 43.5 and CO2 emissions 176g/km (150pa VED). This engine meets Euro 3 emissions limits. (Automatic 0-60 11.5 seconds, top speed 126mph, Euro combined mpg 38.2 and CO2 emissions 200g/km (160pa VED).)

    Brief details of the V6 are:- 3,175cc, 208bhp, 300Nm torque, 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, top speed 154mph. CO2 emissions: 243g/km (manual); 257g/km (automatic).

    Arrived March/April 2003: 176bhp V6 diesel with 258 lb ft torque at 1,800rpm, top speed 135mph, 0-60 8.5 seconds, combined consumption 40mpg and CO2 197g/km.

    CO2 emissions, prices and insurance goups are:-

    1.8 petrol C02 = 184g/km
    LS 14,645; SXi 15,490; Elegance 16,145; SRi 16,545; Elite 18,850. IG 1.8LS: 7E; 1.8SXi, Elegance, SRi: 8E; Elite: 9E.

    2.2 petrol CO2 = 206g/km (automatic: 226g/km)
    LS 15,145; SXi 15,490; Elegance 16,645; SRi 17,045; Elite 19,350. IG 2.2LS, 2.2SXi, 2.2 Elegance, 2.2 SRi, 2.2 Elite: 10E

    3.2 petrol V6 CO2 = (TBA)
    Elite 20,950; GSi 20,980 IG (both models): 14E

    2.0DTi diesel CO2 = 159g/km
    LS 15,545; SXi 16,390; Elegance 17,045; Elite 19,750
    IG 2.0DTi LS, 2.0DTi SXi: 7E; 2.0 DTi Elegance: 8E; 2.0 DTi Elite: 9E

    2.2DTi diesel CO2 = 176g/km (automatic: 200g/km)
    LS 16,095; SXi 16,940; Elegance 17,595; SRi 17,995; Elite 20,300. IG 2.2 DTi LS, 2.2 DTi SXi; 2.2 DTi SRi, 2.2 DTi Elegance: 8E; 2.2 DTi Elite: 9E

    Achieved an excellent four star rating for crash safety in 2002 NCAP tests.

    One happy reader wrote of his new Vectra II 2.0 DI:-

    - The headlights always come on dipped when switched on - even if they were on main beam when last turned off.
    - The left had stalk is pushed for main beam but can be then pushed or
    pulled towards you to dip the headlights. No possible confusion if changing
    from a UK style or Japanese style set up.
    - Clever rear view mirror that automatically dims at night.
    - The car has much more interior space than the previous model. It feels
    much bigger than the extra couple of inches in width.
    - Fuel consumption looks like approx 47/48 mpg overall
    - Cruise control - very handy in areas with speed cameras!

    Vauxhall New Vectra 2002 - 2005 had a very convenient left to right dip switch behind each headlight - great for quayside conversion.

    New SAAB developed 2.0 litre chain-cam turbo with 175bhp and 265Nm torque from Summer 2003. 0-60 8.1 seconds; 31.7mpg combines and 214g/km CO2.

    Estate car added to range in autumn 2003. Offers cargo volume up to 1,850 litres. Engine range includes 155bhp 2.2 litre chain cam direct injected petrol engine, 175bhp 2.0 litre chain cam turbo, 177bhp 3.0 V6 CDTi diesel and 211bhp 3.2V6 petrol. Length 4,820mm; width 1,790mm; height 1,500mm. Estate options include power tailgate and fully retractable towhook.

    New Euro 4 GM/FIAT 1.9 litre diesel engines from Spring 2004:

    1.9CDTI 120PS, 280Nm torque, 0-60 10.5, top speed 124, 49.4 mpg combined, 154g/km CO2.

    1.9CDTI 150PS, 315Nm torque, 0-60 8.8, top speed 134, 48.6 mpg, 157g/km CO2.

    98% breakdown free in 2003 Which survey. Fewest number of breakdowns, problems and faults in 2003 Which survey.

    Improvements for 2005 include 'Life' model which replaced LS. 6 speed autobox available with 150bhp 1.9CDTI at prices from 18,055. SRi Navigation comes with satnav for 500 more than standard SRI. 150bhp 6 speed manual very quick and satisfying to drive.

    3.0V6 CDTi Elite voted Caravan Club 'Family Towcar of the Year 2005.

    Major facelift for 2005/2006 (see photo) on sale from 1-10-2005. from 14,750.

    255PS VXR replaces GSi.

    New 230PS 2.8 V6 turbo petrol engine replaces 3.2V6.

    VXR with 255PS version of this engine capable of 161mph and 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, on sale November 2005 at 23,995 for hatchback and 24,995 for estate.

    From February 2006 same new 140bhp 1.8 as first seen in Zafira. 0-60 9.9 seconds, top speed 131mph, 39.2mpg combined. Emissions drop from 173g/km so now in 21% BIK band. 90 percent of 175Nm maximum torque between 2200 and 6200rpm.

    2007 model year versions of the Vectra VXR had power boosted from 255PS to 280PS, thanks to a redesigned induction system, modified engine components and retuned electronic engine control software. 0-60mphdown to 6.1 seconds for the hatchback and 6.3 seconds for the estate. Chassis also tweaked to give more dynamic handling. Modified spring and shock absorber settings and correspondingly retuned IDSPlus2 chassis control software is said to optimise the pitch, roll and turn-in characteristics to make the most of the increased performance without ruining the Vectra VXRs impressive refinement. The difference between the normal chassis setting and the Sport setting, which is activated by the dashboard-mounted Sport Switch, has been further increased. This engine sounds wonderful and the car is quite a good performance package.

    What's Bad

    'No perforation' warranty cut back to 6 years. Trafficmaster Oracle deleted from spec. Complaints about way indicator switch operates (not really a problem once you get used to it).

    Small 300bhp 4.3litre V8 with 280lb ft torque never came. Vauxhall/Opel adopted more efficient 2.8 twin turbo V6 instead.

    may also be used in Vectra, but more likely in Signum.

    Oil consumption problems emerging on 2.2DI. Apparently, the bores were machined with too high a gloss. Running-in oil has been used to attempt a quick fix, has been known to cause other problems. Vauxhall/Opel will not accept liability because it would mean expensive repairs to most 2.0DI and 2.2DI Vauxhall/Opel models. Several pressure groups are emerging to try to get Vauxhall/Opel to take responsibility

    19" wheel option with 235/25 ZR19 tyres creates a lot of harshness and tramp. Better to stick with 16" or 17".

    Estate car very optimistically list priced at from 16,045 for the 1.8LS (190g/km CO2). 2.0DTi LS estate: 16,945 (159g/km CO2); 2.2i 16v SXi estate: 17,545 (194g/km CO2); 2.0i 16v Turbo SXi estate: 17,995 (221g/km CO2); 2.2i 16v Elegance estate: 18,145 (194g/km CO2); 2.2DTi 16v Elegance estate: 18,995 (170g/km CO2); 2.0i 16v Turbo Elite estate: 21,300 (221g/km CO2); 3.2 V6 24v Elite estate: 22,350 (242g/km CO2); 3.0CDTi V6 diesel Elite estate 25,100 (197g/km CO2). It did not take long for estates to be seriously discounted.

    Vectra name dropped Summer 2008 and replacement called Insignia.
    What to Watch Out For

    2.2 16v petrol engine has been known to snap its timing chain due to the lubrication jet becoming blocked, possibly as a result of running on dirty oil due to extended oil change intervals. Vauxhall Z22SE 2.2 litre engine was modified from March 2002, engine number 11065400, to overcome the timing chain lubrication problem. The problem was caused by an undersized oil spray nozzle which got blocked, starving the timing chain of oil. If the timing chain problem has been subsequently rectified, a modified `bolt' is fitted, with `nicks' on the corners of the hexagon.

    Ignition control unit of 2.2 petrol engine is prone to burning out.

    Quite common for DI to default to emergency running mode due to a problem with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve.

    Poor starting and cutting out after starting of 2.2DI 16v caused by airleaks through fuel injector seals.

    Seems to be a problem with clutch pedal return springs (which can contribute to a burned out clutch).

    Several complaints of "creaking from front suspension", later identified as loose radiator mounts.

    1.9 120PS and 150PS diesels are belt cam. On the 1.9 diesels, the wiring harness can rub bare on the transmission casing causing a short circuit that blows the main fuse leaving the car completely disabled. There may be a recall or at least a tsb to check for this. Reports of turbos failing on 1.9CDTIs.

    On 1.9CDTI, timing belt drives waterpump and waterpump failure can fling it off in as little as 40k miles, wrecking the engine. By December 2008 this was becoming increasingly common at about 4 years old and circa 50k - 60k miles. So engines need new belts, tensioners, pulleys and waterpumps before 4 years old or 50k miles.

    On 1.9 CDTI if the engine smokes or the car suddenly loses power, the secondary butterflies of the swirl actuator valve may have sooted up and seized. Possible to clean but this does not guarantee it won't happen again. Really requires the inlet manifold to be changed as the part where the actuator connects to jams and does not let the butterflies open. Job can take six hours as the fuel pump and cam belt have to be removed to get at it. A coincedental fault is sooting up of the EGR valve.

    Some estates have no rear passenger or load compartment lighting. Rear hatch of estate can only normally be opened by key or by a button on the driver's door, which is irritating if you need to open it frequently.

    LHS wiper mechanism fails. Vauxhall has issued a dealer kit or improved wiper motor and linkage to fix this FOC. (Report 16-5-08 that this FOC offer had ended.)

    2006 Vectra does not have left to right headlamp dip switched, now only available where Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) is purchased and not possible to retro-fit. Electric folding mirrors and tyre pressure sensors also dropped for the 2006 spec..

    Dual mass crankshaft timing chain pulleys can fail on 2.2 diesel engines.

    On 2.2 diesel air ingress via injector seals can cause poor starting.

    Tailgate switch also fails, this is common on Vectra C and Zafira B.

    Reports of parking brake failures (so leave it in gear). In September 2007 Vauxhall issues a sunvisor sticker stating:- ADVICE WHEN PARKING. Always apply the hand brake fully, taking care not to depress the lever release button. To reduce operating forces, depress the foot brake at the same time. Before switching off the ignition; With manual transmission, engage reverse gear (if facing downhill) or first gear (if facing uphill). With Automatic transmission, move the selector to the "P" position.

    Diesel autos vulnerable to failure of heat exchanger in radiator admitting coolant to the ATF and wrecking the transmission. On cars just out of warranty Vauxhall will usually contribute 40%. Also a design/manufacturing problem with 6-speed auto: an internal overflow pipe was too short which leads to the gearbox not being properly filled with fluid and subsequent result of jerky changes and eventual total failure.

    On 2.0 litre diesel circa 2004, pulley on end of crankshaft fails then seizes on. Trying to remove it can damage the crankshaft.

    Outbreak of fuel injection pump failures on 2.2 direct injection petrol engines in autumn 2008 coupled with shortage of replacement parts. Pressure sensor and injection pump fail, both made by Siemens. 3 weeks wait for the part as apparently there has been a huge run on them. Pump is 315. Total cost of repair typically 545. Later featured on BBC Watchdog 12-1-2008. ECU fault code does not identify if problem is fuel pump (leaking seal) or pressure regulator (sticking valve).

    Spate of dual mass flywheel and clutch failures on 07 reg models, both petrol and diesel.

    Optional 19" bling wheels prone to cracking from shocks from poor road surfaces, speed humps and potholes.

    Clutch return spring now subject of a service check/replacement under warranty. Job takes about 30 minutes. No longer any need to replace pedal box.

    05/11/2004 R/2004/148 VAUXHALL VECTRA AND SIGNUM rear exhaust pipe may move backwards slipping off the front pipe VIN 00000000041019521 to 00000000041133883 Build 05/08/2004 to 05/08/2004

    17/12/2005 R/2005/166 VAUXHALL Vectra C and Signum rear axle hub may not be to specification VIN 00000006*102*5432 to 00000006*103*6596


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    Honest John is a good site. Parkers are on the money as a rule too

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    Vehicle : Vauxhall Astra-J

    Trim : Elite

    Engine : 2.0 CDTi

    Year : 2013


    Quote Originally Posted by Readster View Post
    Honest John is a good site.
    However the backroom forum has gone to pot and quite a few of the regular contributors have gone elsewhere.

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