posted a thread on here before about my re-map, and have read a lot since about people asking for recomendations etc, it does seem that theres a lot of mappers out there promising all sorts, can only speak from my experience, having been driving for over 20 years and trying all sorts of tunning products as well as engine rebuilds etc, my remap is the only thing that has provided any real power from standard, of coarse mapping wasnt around when i first started driving but i have learned to trust no one when it comes to my cars now, which brings me to my point, darrell who carried out my re- map at torquing bhp is the only person who has done as they say exactly what it says on the tin i would like to thank him through this forum for his honesty and for providing a fantastic service, i would say to anyone who is thinking of re map speak to him first, i travelled 200 miles to have mine done and wouldnt use anyone else for future work, now thats a rare thing these days somone you can trust!!