Finally got acknowledgement from Vauxhall of CDC40 DAB not holding the DAB station presets in memory as a known problem via the dealers today - they will replace the unit under warranty - hurrah!

Not so hurrah, is that in pulling the radio to get the serial number they have rogered the cables somewhere and now sound only comes out of the centre/coaming speaker. I've fitted a parrot so I don't know yet whether the break is in the radio cabling or the Parrot cabling or in the SOT lead. So one step forward, 2 steps back.

I don't really want them fitting the new radio, I'd rather just swap it and fit it myself but I guess it will need to be tech2-matched to the car. If I'd known they were going to pull the radio out I would have removed the Parrot wiring first - ho hum. (or just lived with the preset memory problem)