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Thread: warning light

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    Exclamation warning light

    Hi every one
    Just finished work and on the way home and my Exhaust emission light came on dose any one know what it is

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    Vehicle : Vectra C

    Trim : Energy

    Engine : Z19DTH

    Year : 2005

    Mileage : 131,000


    The Emission light is a vague warning light, it refers to anything which can affect the fuel and exhaust system.

    Now I note that yours is a CDTi,

    Best way to find out is to get it diagnosed by any appropriately equipped tuning centre / garage.

    If yours is the 1.9 CDTi 150, then common failings are the EGR getting clogged with soot, No.3 injector connector plug beaking down, and the swirl valve actuation bar.

    All these are covered in the How 2 section.
    They all involve thoroughly cleaning the part, or repairing it in some manner.

    Try disconnecting your battery overnight, and see if the code persists tomorrow (for more than 5 seconds after starting).
    If it does, then as said, get the fault codes read.

    If not, then the fault was temporary and is no longer present.

    If the engine light flashes, rather than being lit steadily, then this is a serious fault, and could damage your catalytic converter etc.

    I had a fault on my 1.9CDTi last year (November) - engine light illuminated.
    The car had little power on initial start up, and was very clattery with little turbo response.
    Faults identified were EGR and one unidentified fault when I put my fault code reader on it.
    I did a fault code reset, and then refreshed.
    The fault stayed clear, and the car drove perfect again...strange but true.

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