Hey all, looking for some help in regards to the current property I'm renting. This is my first place and the 6 months are nearly up and I have already found a new place which I have laid a deposit on. Throughout my stay here I have had a fair few problems cooker went, which was relaced and fixed and the shower stopped working has been reported but they have done nothing. We also noticed a damaged floor board in which we later discovered water damage but cannot find no leaks and mold if a big problem. When we first moved in the ceilings looked fine given it a month and its terrible we're cleaned it left the windows open and heating on for good circulation nothing has stopped it really fed up so found somewhere else.

Firstly the mold is a big issue in the building after speaking to the neighbours so its not just us but I dont want to have to take the blame for something that had a slap dash job on it and painted over. Also is it possible for the landlord to request more money than what you initially laid down as a secruity deposit? it worrying me at the moment with bills and the stress of moving so any advice welcome thank you.