Looking to join an active fifa league? a league with transfers so you can build your own squad at your favourite team? Make a name for yourself as a manager so all the big clubs come knocking?

www.fifa360.co.uk is the league for you...

With 8, yes i repeat 8 active leagues to choose from there are plenty of jobs available at the moment including the following leagues:

Premier League & Championship
Serie A & Serie B
La Liga & Segunda
Bundesliga & Bundesliga II <--- Newly opened league so plenty of jobs waiting to be filled in Germany!

One of the most active, well run and organised fifa league sites you will ever come across. With 30+ members online most of the time it's extremely active, with well over 100+ members spread accross the 8 leagues.

The leagues also include the Champions League, Uefa Cup, Intertoto Cup and Super Cup - so no matter what team you get appointed the manager of you will always have a cup to play for!

So head over to www.fifa360.co.uk and sign up

This really is the best run online league i have ever been apart of, check it out and you wont be dissappointed.