Right apart from very light rain this evening the car's not gotten wet since Tuesday afternoon at the latest when the valeters would have cleaned it. I know this has been covered before but I've checked the obvious bits that I've read about on here like the drain holes under the windscreen and around the boot area and spare wheel and everything is bone dry. The only area that's wet is the carpet from under the passenger seat(some electrical unit and some vents) all the way out to where the carpet goes upwards at the back seat which is dry. I though it could be the Ariel/jetwast mount on roof as the hose and nozzle were sticking out the other day but I'd surely notice damp on the ceiling and I can't find any wet between the ceiling and the floor?
Tuesday night I spent half hour soaking with a full roll of kitchen towel which made a small difference but when I checked today It's no better and It hasn't rained so I'm sure the water's sitting somewhere and Is not going away. Does anyone know where they route the rear wash wipe hose before it gets to the ariel?
It's got the best part of a 30 day warranty left and I'm going to take it back tomorow and see what they say but I don't want to be without the car just so as they can dry it out and tell me It's sorted.