vectra 1.9 150.. had a new clutch and flywheel replaced in Dec last year mileage approx 119.000, almost 4k later i noticed when i turned car off the clutch/engine would rattle / shudder , when i went back to garage where it was replaced ( very good vx rec mechanic) and he advised the flywheel was rattling ! , after xmas another 6k later had the clutch/ flywheel changed under his warranty.. problem solved ? erm no ... 3k later problem back clutch / engine rattling / shuddering, when i turned it off this point getting a bit pee d off !!!
went back to garage he got on phone to supplier they organised a rep engineer from clutch manufacturer to check the clutch in and out the car !!
yes a new clutch and flywheel was fitted . this is now 3rd clutch and flywheels fitted in less than 3 months .... guess what 4k later on third clutch and it rattles/shudders again when car is turned off !!! Has anyone had any problems like this ,...... This car is used as a taxi but i dont think this should be taken into consideration as its serviced every 10k and i got the car on 55k and the original clutch and flywheel lasted until 119k.. so its not been driven any differant over last few months !! any ideas what could be causin it to rattle / shudder when its turned off ????