Today I've had an IO Play hands free kit installed and just wanted to let you all know what a very positive experience it's been!

I bought the kit through the Carphone Warehouse website and was redirected to there new specialist installation website

Price was £159, this included premier installation, additional SOT cable plus additional free Ipod connector. Once I'd paid and supllied them with car details I recieved all the kit next day via DHL.
Once you recieve delivery you ring and arrange installation. I got put straight through (without being put on hold) to a english call centre where installation was arranged for the following day within 2 mins.

The engineer rang to confirm and let me know he was on his way this morning and once he arrived he did the installation in about 40 mins. He then carried out an extensive checklist on all the electrics to make sure everything worked as it did before.

He then set mine and my wifes phone up to the kit and went about his business.

I very rarely feel compelled to tell people about these things, but I have been that impressed with whole experience I felt I should share it with you all, should you be thinking of having a kit like this installed.

IO Play and Connectmycar - Highly Recomended